Keane Kitchens
We can save you time and money
by refacing instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets
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of cabinet refacing
  •  Increase your home value
  •  1/2 the cost of a full remodel
  •  1/2 the time required for remodeling
  •  No permits needed

Cabinet Refacing


What is Cabinet Refacing?


Cabinet Refacing is the most cost effective way to bring a new look to your kitchen. The cabinet refacing process keeps your doorframes and structure. You'll select new cabinet doors from our extensive selections of both woods and styles. The new cabinets can include many of today's modern innovations for storage and convenience, and you can also include new features such as an island. Your old kitchen can be transformed into a designer showcase.

The Advantages of Refacing Cabinets

  • Reduced Cost: Cabinet refacing costs roughly 50% of the cost of a completely remodeled kitchen
  • Shorter Time Frame: Cabinet refacing can be completed in a fraction of the time
  • No City Permits Required: This saves time and money on your project
  • 10-Year Warranty: Keane Kitchens provides a 10-year transferable warranty on our refacing products
  • Home Value Increases: Investing in an updated kitchen adds substantial value to your home

Our team of design consultants and craftsmen will transform your existing kitchen space, adding beauty and function you will enjoy every day in the busiest room in your home.