Keane Kitchens
Your Cabinet Choices
How to Buy Cabinets
New cabinets can improve the appearance of your kitchen and add value to your home. We recommend that you approach the process of buying new cabinets by following these steps:
Consider Your Options
Explore some of the alternatives displayed on this and other sites. Become familiar with the different types and designs of cabinets. You may also want to do some preliminary measurements of your kitchen, and perhaps sketch out a floor plan so you'll know what kind of cabinets you need and their approximate sizes.
Visit Our Showroom to Learn More
Call us at (650) 631-0330 to arrange for an appointment at our Showroom in Belmont. We can show you samples, offer advice about your alternatives and help with your decision-making process.
In-Home Consultation
If you would like to move forward, we can make arrangements to visit your home. We can take exact measurements and help solidify your plans. At this stage we can also prepare an estimate of the cost for various alternatives and let you know how long the work might take.
First Steps
A good starting place is to consider the difference between semi-custom and custom cabinets.
With semi-custom cabinets your choices are considerably greater. There is a large selection of different woods and stains, door styles, accessories and decorative elements. You can often order cabinets with a width specified to the nearest inch. The cost is midway between modular and custom cabinets, and for many home-owners, semi-custom cabinets offer the best of both worlds.
With custom cabinets you have total control because the cabinets are built to your exact specifications. They can be constructed to the nearest 1/16″ to make full use of your kitchen space. They can be specially constructed to match other cabinets or elements of your kitchen design. You have the option to use exotic woods. Custom cabinets usually are built with the highest quality materials and features. They cost more, but many home-owners find the advantages well worth the cost.