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Modular Cabinets: Keane Basic Series
The Keane Basic Series is our most basic and affordable series. The wood is processed using state-of-the-art machines to ensure consistent and precise manufacturing. The wood is also coated with seven coats of U.V. finish, which increase the cabinet's durability. Features include:
  1.   Solid Wood Door
  2.   3/4" Solid Wood Face Frame
  3.   3/4" Solid Wood Drawer Face
  4.   5/8" Hardwood Drawer
  5.   3/4" Plywood Full Depth Shelf
  6.   1/2" Plywood Bottom Panel
  7.   1/2" Plywood Side Panel
  8.   1/2" Plywood Toe Kick
  9.   Track
  10.   Drawer Suspension
  11.   Corner Support
  12.   3/16" Plywood Back Panel
  13.   Concealed Hinge

Keane Basic Style

River Oak